Movie talk looks to be a lock in iPhone OS Four

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Evidence proceeds to climb on that the next iPhone will feature support for movie talks, as numerous references to the feature have been unearthed in the latest iPhone OS Four.0 beta. Inwards what shows up to be an iChat app for the iPhone, mentions of one-on-one and group movie talks were found. It also shows up that Apple already has at least three servers set up for the service, albeit all of them are only accessible through Apple’s intranet. Found elsewhere in the build were references to talk rooms and moderation which 9to5Mac speculates will be put to use in the fresh Game Center. To be clear, just because something is included in the pre-release software is no ensure it will ever see the light of day. But, considering the fact that many well informed people have been talking of such a feature for a long time, we’d be willing to wager we’ll see something along the lines of an iChat app with movie abilities come June. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, right?

Get iPhone OS Four.0 here:

Yes im crashing the thread. Engadget said six min ago, that Palm is up for sale.

Htc interested.. sorry sometimes we have to create our own non apple news on here..

haha, it will just showcase up on here 12-24 hours later like usual

$Ten for Four.0 beta? these developers should be threw from the developer program for such unethical antics. is a scam! I paid $Ten and never got any reply from those guys!

the 3GS has “support” for tehthering too……..

Its just gonna be another way for the old lady to keep tabs on where I’m indeed located 🙁

reaction the phone dressed up like a hooker, and then tell her your busy.

its ok, reported to Apple execs! Will lose their developer privileges is they ever had any, or site taken down!

If you actually fell for an evident scam and paid $Ten for the “beta”, then you deserve to lose your money.

Travis – I purchased three slots from and I was emailed literally INSTANTLY!! They are NO SCAM! I had eight other friends sign up too and they all had the same results! Their site is legit! I’m not attempting to ass-plug them or anything, but I believe credit is due to them.

Movie talk? Doesn’t that require simultaneous voice and data? And is that suggested by Verizon? Hmmm…. can we put those rumors to rest or will that feature only be available on a more capable network? And by capable I mean a network presently suggesting simultaneous voice and data.

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Have you ever used anything but apple? maybe you dont realize that its data only? love using your movie talk in a Two×Trio space in your parents basement

What? Im an android and windows kind of dude, but a gsm fan. I can tell you that the iphone can run both voice and data at the same time..add a front movie cam on the next version and the Four.0 software, and there is your movie phone. its because of gsm. voice and data at the same time.. if at&t updates and can treat that bandwith(the big question) then you will see other (gsm)phones do it too. But not on cdma. t-mo could do it too if they upgrade.

You’re retarded. Movie talking is not voice and data at the same time. That’s like telling watching a music movie is voice and data at the same time. You’re not going to be on the actual phone by calling someone.

Does your computer have a voice plan? No, didn’t think so. Data only.

You put in on speaker Phone, while You vid yourself and see the other person doing the same thing. yes thats voice and data and the same time. Ive used it, have you?

Also, watching a movie, is a recording. its Not real time.

Lets put it this way. The phone is pointed at you. You look and speak at it. In microseconds the electronics bundle the speach and movie into little electronic pulses that are stiched together to resemble a continious feed or stream. it is then sent over your data connection, not voice. If it were sent over the two, you would end up with movie/audio lag, thats where their throats are moving, just not in synch with the words you hear. That is due to differences in which the systems process data and voice. Not the same rate. Understand

don’t be a rahtard

Well there goes whatever is left of at&t’s network

hey Internet rough fellow, I don’t live in a basement! My iPhone wouldn’t work down there! Lol

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Just to be clear, OS Four.0 will be available to all current iPhone users correct? Not just buyers of the upcoming iPhone?

But depending on what model you have, you might not get all the perks. For example, Iphone 3G and below won’t be able to multitask the way Jobs implemented it… no big deal, truly. You can JB your phone and do it better.

And for movie talking, you would most likely need the latest phone which should feature a front-facing camera to do it.

Long story brief.. get the G4. If you have that old 3GS, pawn it off now, pay for an early upgrade when the time comes and get the fresh model.

just wondering if the android fans will claim that they have had movie talk very first. I know my Nseries phones had that capability, just no carrier support.

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Movie Calling has been around the rest of the world for many years. Ive used it in germany (years ago) Apple can not say they inveted it like everything else, what they will say in this situation is they perfected it. And it will only work on Gsm. So if its true, it will stay on at&t

I know that. I have used it on my N95 in south Korea during my stay there. my question was meant for the android fans who always seem to claim their device does all kind of things that the iphone can’t do. Just being sarcastic I guess.

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Ericsson, Demonstrated the very first trans atlantic movie telephone call in 1970. that means Steve Jobs was only fifteen when he invenetd it 🙂

I guess the man grew up as a prodigy at only fifteen when Ericsson hired him….lol!

I had the choice of Alaska, south korea, and Germany. The Dmz just didnt sound appealing to me .

just out of curiosity,if you would be able to do movie calls over skype mobile, would that use both data and voice or just data?

you wouldn’t be able to because apple would never permit for another apps that “replicates function” *cough* google voice *cough* without government interventions.

It wasn’t indeed an apple/iphone specific question…I’m asking because the evo, which is going to be on a cdma network, will have a front-facing camera, so I don’t understand how people are telling movie talk is only going to be able to be done on a gsm network.

Just depends on how it is implimented indeed. ATT presently has movie share where its one way movie and two way audio which will use the voice and data at the same time thus being GSM only. There are other ways of getting this done through a unspoiled data network just depends on how they determine to use it. Doing it through unspoiled data is going to be very intensive for the data use. no one truly knows how its going to work.

Before 2007, Moto approached Cingular about movie calling. Moto and Nokia both had movie phones up and running on gsm in other parts of the world. Cingular said it would require too much bandwith. In two thousand seven the Lg500 (v) was going to be the very first in the u.s.. But after trials it was nixed because once again it required too much bandwith. They have come a long ways since then, but with the iphone allready puting the hurt on the system I can only see that this would kill it.

Earnestly, can anyone please please tell me when Apple claimed to have invented anything? Yes, we iPhone users were glad when we ultimately got cut and paste as we are now glad to be getting multitasking on our phones. (and will also be glad when we get movie calling too)

Your lovely phones have had these feature for much much longer of course and I am truly blessed for you.

Now is it too much to ask that you don’t piss on our parade?

Doesn’t matter Geezer, it still hammers every phone in popularity and sales. Other than coming out with a superb multi-touch screen everything else is packaged well and the parade is a yam-sized one like the Tournament of Roses and would take a Niagara Falls of piss to slow it down. The haters love you for your comment and this is basically what they want all Iphone owners to say, it gives them a excellent boost. You know they are the few, proud and the elite group of people and the smartest of all the trollers. I hear there will be long lines of android fans for Droid version two at their local Verizon stores. You will not hear that kind of admitting statement in fandroidom, but it still comes down to user’s preference. The movie calling will of course be done well in the next Iphone and lets keep tabs on how many android devices will go after too. The fresh Iphone may just be the spark for the US to join Asia and Europe with movie calling.

Im not an Apple hater, lots of ipods in my home.sure I like to take a jab at uncle steve now and then. Im glad the iphone might attempt out movie calling in the u.s. and yes if it works good, others will attempt it too. but it has been attempted before, moto, nokia and l.g. all attempted with cingular. It wasnt because of the manufactures, that it didnt work, it was because the network couldnt treat it.. So I truly hope they get it done this time and open the gate. As a matter of fact, I am one android fan who get,s hammered up because I see and fear fragmentaion and think google should tighten it up. I will give uncle steve much credit for attempting to protect his o.s.

Agreed, Android remains the best option to the Iphone and yes fragmentation will be android’s downfall if Google doesn’t tighten up. Hopefully, networks will proceed to improve to the point where all phones can be movie capable. Wow, it would open up a world of possibilities.

Geezer, I had to give you a plus just for your honesty and being modest. Hard to find on this site. Kudo,s

there is a difference inbetween hard wired and wireless technology if I’m not mistaken. AT

Let’s hope it’s true two-way movie conferencing, and not that crappy one-way video-share that runs on AT&T.

If Apple’s 3g version of the iPad is utter HSPA+ compliant, it should have enough upload capability to pull it off.

“The widest deployment of movie telephony now occurs in mobile phones, as almost all mobile phones supporting UMTS networks can work as videophones using their internal cameras, and are able to make movie calls wirelessly to other UMTS users in the same country or internationally. As of the 2nd quarter of 2007, there are over one hundred thirty one million UMTS users (and hence potential videophone users), on one hundred thirty four networks in fifty nine countries.”

Ive been attempting to bring up similar points, Ive used movie calling in germany a long time ago. I hope it gets done here this time. Its Not the phone, its the network. Three manufactures have attempted with cingular since 2004, but the network couldnt treat it. I attempted to bite

my tounge when an apple fan said, lets count how many android phones attempt to go after afterwards. Actually the iphone, will be the 4th attempt, and wasnt even around in 2004. It has never been the tech thats the problem, its been the bandwith. So if it takes off, its because at&t upgraded enough to make it work. Not because of some magical fresh technology.

Maybe all the android phones that would sport movie talking will have to go to AT&T or T-mo for now and that is if their network can treat the bandwidth. If this starts to get popular the networks would indeed need an big system upgrade and they I’m sure our data plans will increase as a result.

I hope this just means that ichat is eventually on the iphone. Since I got my very first macbook pro a year ago I’ve truly grown to like it and think it would rock to be able to do the same from my phone. Also, BBM on the iphone would be superb, however that’s NEVER going to happen…

As if the seven out of over one hundred features demoed weren’t bad enough for other cellphone manufactures, movie calling will solidify the iPhone as the device of the year in 2010. The Droid wasn’t much epic and Apple will showcase a true winner of the award, yet again.

@Matthew. Once again, its not the phone its the carrier. this was available from three different manufactures long before the iphone. from two thousand four in the u.s. to be exact.. the network couldnt handel it.. Movie calling isnt a magical revolutionary thing.

Lol, if at&ts network had problems treating the explosion from iPhones before, this is going to rape them. Let’s hope the revamp of their network they’re claiming they’re gonna do is enough to support all the fountain

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