Why will movie talk become an increasingly popular support channel?

Why will movie talk become an increasingly popular support channel?

April 1st, two thousand fifteen – Article | Trends

The technology research stiff, Gartner has predicted that by 2018, more than 20% of the five hundred largest global businesses will introduce video-based talk for customer-facing interactions. This real-time communication channel, called movie talk but also click to movie, enables online visitors to get advice from a customer support agent via movie without this interfering with their website browsing.

Why will Movie talk take off in 2018?

Due to the rapid development of mobile usage and the necessity for companies to turn customer practice into a competitive advantage, providing online support with movie talk should become an increasingly popular option. “Movie talk provides customers with a richer sense of presence, personalized practice by helped coordination of communication and the support of emotional expression, and the real-time sharing of content,”, commented Brian Manusama, research director at Gartner. According to this investigate, 50 of the five hundred largest global businesses will introduce video-based talk to their customer service in 2015, and this number is set to dual in three years. From a technical perspective, the use of movie has been possible for several years. Indeed, it is now hard to find fresh devices that are not tooled with a webcam and high definition resolution.

Movie talk: a positive environment and excellent communication abilities

Click to Movie should be perceived as a premium service: unlike click to talk (live talk), click to movie does not enable your agent to treat several contacts at the same time. All their attention must be focused on one customer at a time. Agents who provide support via movie talk must pay particular attention to the language they use and obviously the way they look. Also, albeit there is no need for your agents to be totally isolated, it’s best that they work in a light, upbeat and tranquil atmosphere with some activity behind if possible. This will send out a positive picture. Your visitors can choose whether they would rather be seen or not.

Contrary to what is thought, movie talk support is not necessarily longer than talk or telephone. Waliceo, an independent health insurance fund, provides specialised movie talk support for deaf people. With click to movie, their customer service can communicate using sign language with those customers. On average, the conversations last seven minutes, that’s less than the average talk (inbetween eight and ten minutes).

The importance of combining Movie with Talk!

The combination of movie and talk is essential in order to ensure a accomplish and coherent customer practice. For example, the use of movie is flawless for the online optician who wants to display visitors different pairs of glasses. But, the use of talk at the same time reinforces communication with the possibility to send links, precise information about the lenses, etc.

For Waliceo, the combined use of talk and movie is key to exchange significant information like names, addresses and account numbers.

Using movie talk software: BtoB, luxury, technical advice and customer care

With BtoB, it is a fine implement to reinforce customer relations and customer loyalty. Movie talk enables you to give live demos of your product. More generally, movie talk will help eliminate any doubt from the minds of your visitors as you can demonstrate them the real thing!

Movie talk can also be of benefit to professions that provide accomplished advice online in the medical or legal sectors, where eye contact can make a big difference. In the luxury sector of haute couture, customised style advice is also a key criteria. For purchases that require a significant investment, the online shopper can actually see the article, receive pro advice to help choose the right product and at the same time interact with the brand on a human level. This contributes to recreating the feeling of being in a store.

If movie talk can make the difference leading up to an online purchase, it is also an excellent device when it comes to customer care, specifically when it comes to providing technical support. We can all visualise the customer despairingly gesticulating and attempting to explain over the phone to customer service that he cannot find the right cable to connect the fresh internet router to his ultra HD TV… One plain movie talk could have avoided this frustrating situation!

Miranda is in charge of internal communications at iAdvize, where she began working three years ago, originally as communications officer for the UK market. She has a BA from UCL in languages and a masters degree in translation and communication from the ISIT school in Paris. Albeit her passport is British, she feels at home on the continent 😉 Intrigued by all things cross-cultural, disruptive and customer service-related.

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