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Yahoo Discontinues Old Messenger App, 'Yahoo Recommends'

Yahoo announced Friday, June Ten, that it will be ending its old Messenger desktop client on August five in order to concentrate its efforts on the application’s fresh version.

Called the "legacy" Yahoo Messenger, it will be substituted by a newer platform that works on smartphones and the Web.

Furthermore, the company will be discontinuing its Yahoo Recommends feature beginning September 1.

As of writing, downloads of the legacy Yahoo Messenger are no longer available. After August Five, users will not be able to access, log in or send messages on the old version or any third-party clients.

In December 2015, the company announced a brand fresh Yahoo Messenger for mobile and Yahoo Mail on desktop. The fresh Yahoo Messenger is supported by iOS and Android.

Albeit Yahoo attempted to provide basic interoperation inbetween its legacy platform and the fresh Messenger, the company urges users to transfer to the fresh version.

"We intend to proceed our focused efforts on the fresh Messenger," Yahoo posted on Tumblr. Their aim is to produce the best service to users.

Yahoo Messenger Through The Years

Yahoo Messenger was launched in the late 1990s when the company’s logo was still a classic serif "Y."

For many years, Yahoo Messenger was only available through the desktop version for Mac, Windows and Linux.

In the early 2000s, the application became enormously popular, rivaling for the top instant messaging client spot against Skype and Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger.

However, the popularity of Yahoo Messenger died down as newer services emerged, such as Facebook’s talk feature, which is now known as Facebook Messenger, Twitter’s Direct Messaging feature, and the slew of mobile apps that came after.

Yahoo failed to adapt to the switches. As a result, Yahoo Messenger lost most of its users. By April twelve this year, the company stopped suggesting the desktop app download for Yahoo Messenger.

In order to regain its place in the IM market, Yahoo revamped its Messenger by making the service swifter, as well as permitting it to support text messages, animated GIFs and photos.

The fresh Messenger platform also permits users to delete past messages through an "unsend" feature. It also supports group conversations.

Legacy Messenger is not included in Yahoo’s seven core consumer products: Mail, Tumblr, Search, Sports, News, Lifestyle and Finance.

Yahoo will also be discontinuing its Yahoo Recommends feature in September in order to streamline and simplify products for the company’s publisher community. The announcements come as Yahoo executives rethink and review strategic options to save the ailing internet giant.

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